momagri agency presentation


The founders of the momagri Agency

Established at the initiative of leaders in the international agricultural cooperative community, the momagri Agency filled a still unchartered field that is nevertheless crucial to a new world governance system––the rating of agricultural policies and markets.

The founders of the momagri Agency are :

Our mission is providing the farming, manufacturing, institutional and political communities with reliable and objective indicators and measurement tools contributing to better decision-making.

Our mission: “Quantifying and rating in order to decide”.

The team

A Paris-based organization :

  • General Manager : Jean-Christophe Juilliard
  • Managing Director : Jacques Carles
  • Director of Strategic Affairs and Development : Xavier Regnaut
  • Director of Evaluations and Methods : Frédéric Courleux*
  • Director of Public Relations and Communications : Dominique Lasserre
  • Administrative Assistant : Marie-Ange Gilbert
* since the 1st February 2016

Four additional members have joined this team to work on the development of indicators, studies and ratings, as well as management functions.

A network of experts and specialists :

With a deep knowledge of global agricultural markets and issues :
- Agronomists,
- Economists,
- Strategy consultants,
- Mathematicians and programmers,
- Financiers.

With backgrounds in :
- Public research institutions,
- Universities,
- International organizations,
- Leading private and cooperative corporations,
- Professional associations.

And active in over 100 countries through the firms involved with the creation of the momagri Agency.

location of the parent companies of the Agency Momagri

An international independent scientific board will validate the quality of the indicators, of the models and various studies generated by the Agency.